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In Germany there is an urgent need for Doctors from postgraduate trainees 

to specialists in almost all Medicine Specialties.

If you are seeking for a position as a Medical Doctor or a training post for specialists in a

hospital and if you have good German language skills, there is a need throughout Germany for

several thousand additional doctors from abroad as their local counterparts' age and retire.


Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The use of the very latest

therapies and medical equipment helps guarantee an exceptionally high level of care.

Increasing digitization is opening up new possibilities for medical care, as X‐ray images and

medical reports are available faster. And digitization is set to grow even faster, lowering costs

and bringing continual improvements in healthcare. A dense network of clinics and doctors'

surgeries ensures that patients get the medical services they need rapidly. At the same time,

doctors are held in great esteem by the German population. In surveys, the medical profession

is consistently one of the most highly regarded in Germany, followed in second place by the

nursing profession.

German hospitals have had to contend with a shortage of doctors for quite a number of years

now. In the field of private practice, there is primarily a need for general practitioners,

particularly in eastern Germany and rural areas, where there are often difficulties recruiting

doctors to fill practices as they become vacant. This demand will continue to rise in coming

years, particularly as many hospital doctors are soon due to enter retirement. These shortages

will soon spread to other regions of Germany and other areas of specialization, since here, too,

many doctors are due to retire in coming years.


In Germany, doctors work:

      - in hospitals, generally as an employee

      - in their own medical practice

      - in large group practices, as an employee


The average starting salary for medical graduates is comparatively higher than in any other field of study and currently lies at around €49,000 a year. On average, doctors in Germany are paid more than graduates of any other academic discipline. Wages and other working conditions (e.g. working hours) slightly vary according to each wage agreement with the different hospital operators.

In communal hospitals physicians in further medical training currently earn a monthly gross salary between 4.023,68 € (first year of further training) and 5.171,38 € (sixth year of further training). Monthly gross salaries for specialists are from 5.309,81 € (1rst year) to 6.819,15 € (from 13th year onward). These salaries are for a 40‐hour workweek. Additional services and overtime are paid extra.