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Finland UG/ PG Free Programs


Why Study in Finland?

Free Education: Most of the Universities and Polytechnics do not charge any fee from students. Plenty of choice: Finnish universities and polytechnics offer over 400 international study programmes in different disciplines taught in English.

Internationally compatible degrees: All programmes are based on a joint European credit transfer system (ECTS), which facilitates international transparency and recognition of Finnish degrees at a global level.

More than just studying: Studying in Finland offers also an insight into the culture of Finland and the country's two official languages, Finnish and Swedish, all of which are unique in many ways. Finnish society is egalitarian and well-organised: it provides a solid foundation for the development of modern, internationally-oriented higher education. A challenging language, but easy to pronounce:Finnish is spoken by approximately 92% of Finns, and Swedish is spoken as a native language by 5,5% of the population.

A Country with Strong Competetive Edge: Finnish industry success stories include the following companies which rank first in the world in their fields; Nokia in telecommunications, Kone as a lift and escalator manufacturer, Metso Paper Inc–the supplier of technology, systems and equipment for the pulp, paper and converting industries and paper company UPM-Kymmene.

Program Highlights: Universities confer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and post-graduate Licentiate and Doctoral degrees. For international students, Finnish universities provide around 200 Master’s degree programmes in English, and several special Doctoral programmes.

Polytechnics/UAS provide degree programmes in the following fields of vocational education and training: humanities and education; culture; natural sciences; natural resources and the environment; tourism, catering and domestic services; health and sports; technology, communications and transport; social sciences, business and administration. Bachelor degree programme consists of five modules: basic studies, vocational studies, work practise, free studies and a final project.

Tuition Fees: Nil

At the present, there are only a few degree programmes in Finland that charge tuition fees. All Bachelor's and Master's degree students are required to pay the annual Student Union membership fee (approx. 80 euros). The required sum of money is 500 euros per month or 6000 euros per year against living expenses. The cost of study materials varies from one field of study to another. In most cases the use of libraries is free of charge. Nevertheless, some books included in course requirements may have to be bought.

Sept for Jan intake

Nov -March for Sept intake

Good Luck for Application and Studies in Finland!